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Tanya Huff recently retired from Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Dickson on June 20, 2017 with 28 years of service to the institution and an additional six years of service to the State of Tennessee for a total of 34 years. Faculty and staff provided her with a farewell party with the musical theme of “O Happy Day!”

Since being hired into a Student Services clerk position in 1989, Tanya rose to the position of Business and HR Coordinator. Along the way she was an administrative assistant, executive assistant, personnel records manager, and office manager. In short, Tanya has a wealth of experience across multiple departments and levels of TCAT Dickson. While much of this success was due to her natural ability to perform, Tanya also pursued certifications, diplomas, and associate degrees to round out her knowledge.

After earning a Certified Professional Secretary rating in May 2005 from the International Association of Administrative Professionals Tanya went on in the fall of 2010 to begin an AAS at Nashville State Community College. While taking classes at NSCC, and working full-time at TCAT Dickson, she also enrolled in the Business Systems Technology program at the college in January 2012, completing the program and earning her Administrative Assistant Diploma with an accounting emphasis in August of that year. Tanya then earned her AAS in General Technology with a Business Concentration in the summer of 2013.

Faculty and staff planned a special afternoon to recognize our honoree. Former employees attended, a special quilt was made by Betty LaRose and signed with words of encouragement by Tanya’s colleagues, and a rocking chair with an engraved marker were given, among other personal gifts. The event was topped off by a rendition of “O Happy Day” by many in attendance to serenade Tanya. Colleagues at the Clarksville Campus also held a special event with many personal touches to recognize Tanya for her service and friendship.

Tanya’s countenance reflected her joy and her words conveys her thoughts, “Blessed-that’s what I am for working with such a special group of people. The party, the gifts, the guests and all of the memories will never be forgotten. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways – I love everyone and will miss each person!”

Because of her personal, educational, and professional development efforts, Tanya has been an inspiration to other staff members at the college. In fact, Tanya is one of five who have gone on to earn a TCAT diploma/associate degree combo. Her leadership and relationships with the other staff members has encouraged them to continue their education and to seek roles with greater responsibility within our institution.

Tanya will be missed here at the college, but her legacy will live on in the professional lives of those of us who have been fortunate to work alongside her these many years.