Weather Closures

As winter is quickly approaching we want to share the annual notice of the TCAT Dickson inclement weather plans. 

  • Inclement weather can create hazardous road and safety conditions and your individual safety is our priority. Regardless of whether our campuses are open or closed due to inclement weather, please use your best judgment in deciding if you can safely make it to work/class or if you need to leave early to safely make it home.  
  • Notices of campus closings will be made as early as possible each morning or in some cases the night before. Absent any announcement you should assume the campuses are open.
  • Depending on weather conditions, it is possible that only one campus will be closed and the others remain opened. Please listen carefully to all closing announcements.
  • Notices will be posted on News Channel 5, Channel 4 WSMV, RAVE message system, and on the school’s website.
  • As a clock hour institution, we are required to make up every hour we close the institution. This can be in the form of extending school days by an hour, attending school on a scheduled holiday (President’s Day), or in worse case scenarios during term breaks.
  • Employees who are unable to come in or leave early when the school remains open need to notify their supervisor. Annual leave will be used for the time off.
  • If you have had a phone number or email change, please send your updated contact information to the Student Services Department so you will receive the RAVE announcements.