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Bookstore and Textbooks

Location and Hours of Operation

Campus bookstores at both the Clarksville and Dickson locations are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. 

Bookstore Announcements

The Clarksville and Dickson campuses will begin to distribute books on the first day of your start date. Students using financial aid will be given the opportunity to use their available aid towards their bookstore purchase. Depending on the amount of your available aid, you may have to use more than one tender (such as financial aid and a personal payment) for your books. Taxable items (Uniforms, Laptop, Welding Kit, etc.) are not able to be split between payment methods, so you must have enough financial aid funds to cover the entire amount. Please see your programs expense sheet for cost details. Students without financial aid will need to provide the required items on their own.

The campus bookstore will keep all 1st trimester books in stock and available for purchase during the first week of your start date. Students using financial aid or a third-party payer (WIOA, VR&E, scholarship, etc.) will have that first week to make their book choices. Returning students will complete a pre-registration form to notify the bookstore of what books are needed for the next trimester. If a book is not listed on your pre-registration form, the bookstore will not order the book. It will then be your responsibility to secure the required books on your own. All bookstore sales are final and are not eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds.

If you are paying out of pocket for your books, you can purchase your required items through our campus bookstore or you can go through any online vendor who sells books, such as Amazon or Chegg. Be aware that used books may not include workbooks or access codes that you may need. Please be advised: Book editions may change without given notice. It is advised to purchase books as needed by trimester and to not purchase all your books at once. Expense sheets are updated once a trimester and are located on our website under each program:

Supplies and Tools:  Some programs have additional items that will be necessary to complete the program but are not available from the campus bookstore. Students will need to secure these items on their own. Please check your program’s expense sheet for details.

Please reach out to your campus bookstore for any additional questions:

Program Book Lists

Please visit the bookstore personnel on the Dickson or Clarksville campuses if you would like to have a printed copy of your programs expense sheets or if you have specific questions regarding book purchases.