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Bookstore and Textbooks

Bookstore Announcements September 1, 2020

TCAT Dickson is aware that some students have not received the books they ordered from the Follett online bookstore. To ease this issue, we have three current priorities:

  1. While TCAT Dickson has a small inventory of some of the books, there are not enough for every student; and, there are many books of which we do not have any inventory. However, as long as supplies last we will be selling the inventory we have at cost, a savings of nearly 25%. If you are interested in these books, please visit your campus bookstore.
  2. We will be providing students with working copies of the materials for each class until Follett is able to deliver the order books.
  3. We will continue to work with Follett to deliver the books in the most expedient manner.

We understand that this is disappointing news, however, allow me to share a bit of the information Follett has gone through and their plans for moving forward.

Dear Follett Virtual Partners (sent August 21, 2020),
Delivering challenging news is never easy, but it is our responsibility to provide you with an up-to-date and accurate assessment of our operations so you can properly set expectations for your community.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to fulfill and deliver ALL course materials ordered before school starts. 
In our status meeting this morning, we determined we will continue to have shipping delays for the next 2 to 3 weeks.  Our team is working seven days a week to address and process  our shipping volume but COVID-19 has tested us beyond normal operational challenges; including required content changes used to support classrooms, shipping delays due to third-party shipping provider constraints, and the ability to attract and retain enough staff in our  fulfilment centers to work through the volume.  We fully recognize the implications of this and extend our sincerest apologies. 
Please know we are and will continue to aggressively work to do everything possible to get course materials into your students’ hands.
The situation is difficult but will work not rest until we’ve risen to the challenge and are fulfilling our commitment to you and your students. We are messaging directly to any student / parent who has placed an order and will be impacted by delays. I deeply apologize for the unforeseen stress this is putting on you and your students. 
With gratitude,


If you have any questions regarding your book order, please contact Stacey Langlois at the Clarksville Campus or Jo Furline at the Dickson Campus.

Location and Hours of Operation

Main Campus & Clarksville Campus – Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Bookstore services not available at the Advanced Manufacturing or Franklin campuses.

Process for Ordering Books and Materials

Currently enrolled students complete a pre-registration process before the beginning of a new trimester and will order books at that time.

Program Book Lists

For a current cost list of books, tools and supplies needed for each program, visit that program’s specific page.


TCAT Dickson has a partnership with Follett Bookstore for the sale of textbooks. Students order their textbooks online and they will be shipped directly to their home while non-textbook items will be for sale in the campus bookstore. Additional items may be necessary for the program that are not available in the bookstore; check the instructor required items list on the program’s web page for details.

1. Follett Bookstore: Beginning December 17, 2019, students may view the Follett Bookstore textbooks online at Books will be delivered in 24-48 hours. Students will be able to charge Follett Bookstore textbooks to their financial aid, if aid is available. Students without financial aid, or balances beyond financial aid, will need to pay the balance via the Follett web site.

2. TCAT Dickson Bookstore: TCAT Dickson will continue to sell non-textbook items in its institutional bookstore on the Dickson and Clarksville Campuses. These items include testing, select tools, and uniforms for select programs. Purchasing of bookstore items will begin in the first week of the spring term. Students will be able to charge TCAT Dickson Bookstore items to their financial aid, if aid is available. Students without financial aid, or balances beyond financial aid, will need to pay the balance at the Bookstore.

3. Instructor Required Items: Some TCAT Dickson programs have additional items that will be necessary to complete the program but are not available from either bookstore. Students will need to secure these items on their own.

Booklists for Follett and TCAT Dickson bookstores, as well as, the instructor’s required items list, are available on each program’s webpage on the school’s website.

Visit the Bookstore on the Dickson or Clarksville Campuses if you would like to have a printed copy of your program’s book lists.

For questions regarding bookstore sales please visit the bookstore locations at Dickson and Clarksville.