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Campus Safety and Security Disclosures

Annual Disclosure of Campus Safety Policies, Security Policies, and Campus Crime Statistics

A major goal of colleges is to provide safe and efficient services all of its stakeholders. Each employee must help to accomplish this purpose through safe and efficient work practices and by being aware of any potential emergency or threatening situations. Employee safety is vital to our success as is the safety of our student body. The Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Dickson (TCAT Dickson) accepts the moral and legal responsibility of providing safe and healthy work conditions. The college’s objective is to implement a comprehensive safety plan that meets all federal, state, and local safety codes, and establishes and maintains safe and healthy working and learning conditions in our offices, facilities, and grounds.

TCAT Dickson is committed to disseminating relevant and pertinent information regarding reported criminal activities of sexual assault in a reasonable manner to its community and to interested parties. To that end,  the college has implemented and maintains policies and procedures in compliance with the University reporting requirements of the Clery Act and the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), two pieces of federal legislation that provide guidance in disseminating certain types of information to campus communities and to the general public. Because the Clery Act and the HEOA encompass several areas of campus responsibility, the college utilizes its Office of the Director to issue information that pertains to the criminal reporting requirements and policies of these two federal laws.

The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) was signed into law March 7, 2014 and imposes new obligations on colleges and universities under its Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (SaVE Act) provision. The SaVE Act provision, which amends the campus crime provisions of the Higher Education Act, expands the information colleges must incorporate into their annual crime reports to include acts of domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. TCAT Dickson has reviewed and modified its policies and procedures for handling asserted sexual offenses, and will be carefully training its faculty, staff, and students in these areas.

Further, regarding classroom and campus safety in areas other than sexual assault, it is the policy of TCAT Dickson to:

1. Provide safe and efficient occupational training in a safe instructional environment for our students and a safe working environment for our employees.

2. Provide instruction in, and encourage the development of, safe working practices by the student; emphasize the "safe way".

3. Stimulate student interest in occupational safety and prevention.

4. Promote safety awareness.

As per the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), TCAT Dickson publishes an annual report disclosing campus security policies and crime statistics for the last three calendar years. Click on the link to the pdf file below to view TCAT Dickson's Annual Security Report and for a detailed view of our campus Clery Crime statistics.

The Annual Security Report is available by clicking the appropriate link below. The report can be viewed and printed as a pdf file.

A printed copy of each of these reports may also be obtained from the Office of the President or the Student Services Office during business hours, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.

Questions about obtaining the report may be addressed to Pam.Bigham@tcatdickson.edu or by contacting her at (615) 422.7604.

Campus Security Authority

Students and employees may report crimes to the following campus security authorities:

Laura Travis Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs & Compliance Dickson Campus (615) 551-8923
Patrick Davis Vice President of Operations Dickson Campus (615) 398-0952
Deanna Griffin Director of Clarksville Campus Clarksville Campus (931) 444-6503
Pam Bigham Student Services Coordinator Dickson Campus (615) 422-7604
Cathleen Clark HR Coordinator Dickson Campus (615) 551-8928
Brandon Rives IT/Skills USA/SGA Advisor Dickson Campus (615) 420-4379
Stephanie Murphy Director of Healthcare Programs Dickson Campus, Williamson Campus (615) 422-7867

Salvatore Evangelista

SkillsUSA Advisor Clarksville Campus (931) 999-7106

Lisa Sullivan

Student Services Counselor Clarksville Campus (615) 551-2667
Randy McPherson Facility Associate Clarksville Campus

(931) 444-6531

Dawn Vandygriff

Student Government Association Advisor Clarksville Campus (931) 444-6494
Ed Hutchinson Instructor Advanced Manufacturing Campus (615) 431-1889
Bryan Johnson Instructor Advanced Manufacturing Campus (615) 422-7947
Robert Pullen Instructor Williamson Campus (615) 387-9997


Safety Plans

TCAT Dickson has safety plans for each of its campuses. Each program and office has a red safety flip book containing maps and emergency plans for all manner of emergencies that may arise located in a centralized area for faculty, staff and student access.. 

For more information regarding the safety plans for TCAT Dickson, contact the Vice President of Operations, Dr. Patrick Davis, 615-398-0952 or Patrick.Davis@tcatdickson.edu.