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TCAT Dickson and Clarksville Campus congratulates Student Services Coordinator Pam Bigham for winning TBR 2023 College Advisor of the Year!

The College System of Tennessee honored its outstanding students, faculty, staff, supporters and partners of the year at the Fifth Annual Statewide Outstanding Achievement Recognition (SOAR) celebration Wednesday night, March 29, in Nashville. The Statewide Outstanding Achievement Recognition (SOAR) winners included Pam for her efforts to ensure students have their needs met so that they are able to persist to graduation and beyond. Pam is the first person to the left of center in the pink dress. 

After winning this award, Pam was invited to speak on a podcast to share the story of her career with TBR in the area of student services. You can hear Pam in the TBR Podcast series, From the Vice Chancellor's Shelf, a monthly conversation led by the Vice Chancellor for Student Success on the book Failing Forward in Student Affairs: Using Missteps to Guide Next Steps. An 8-part series of discussions with TBR faculty and staff on how professional missteps led to personal and professional growth.

You can listen to Pam's interview on the From the VC's Shelf podcast.

Congratulations Pam!