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Clarksville, Tenn.  After more than a year of planning, we are pleased to announce the opening of a new testing location for Commercial Driver License (CDL) Testing in Clarksville, Tennessee.  The Tennessee Department of Safety has agreed to schedule their mobile unit to be on site at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Clarksville to provide written and skills testing for citizens wanting a CDL.

The grand opening ceremony will be held at TCAT on September 22, 2016 located at 135 International Blvd. Clarksville at 11:30 a.m.

More than a year ago, Mr. Scott Thomas owner of Thomas Lumber Company in Clarksville contacted our office expressing an interest in a CDL testing location in our community.  Until recently, those companies wishing to test their driver applicants would have to travel great distances for the test, at great expense to the company in lost production time.

Our office made contact with the Tennessee Department of Safety (TDOS) and they agreed to bring the mobile testing unit to Clarksville if a suitable site could be found.   Former Commissioner Bill Gibbons with the Department of Safety contacted the USDOT, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and secured permission to use the mobile unit, which was paid for by the Highway for Heroes Grant, for other working citizens. 

We then contacted the Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT), Clarksville Campus for permission to use the parking lot at their new Clarksville campus.  In the spirit of multi-agency cooperation, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) agreed to paint the lines on the parking lot at no cost to TCAT. 

“This is a great example of government agencies joining together to be innovative and address a need,” said Rep. Pitts. “Without the cooperation of state and federal agencies, and the Tennessee Board Regents, this would not have happened.  I wish to thank former Department of Safety Commissioner Gibbons for his assistance in obtaining the use of the mobile unit.  Special thanks also to Ms. Amy Lackey, Director of Commercial Driver license Division of TDOS for the many, many meetings she attended which helped gain the participation of TDOT.  Chris Gobble, legislative liaison with TDOS was a great help by arranging for the fine folks from the TDOS to attend the meetings.”

Special thanks to the employees of Tennessee Department of Transportation who handled the day to day arrangements for the striping of the pad.  Luis Pisarra of the Clarksville TDOT was very instrumental in bringing the painter to Clarksville.  Luis also met with staff at the TCAT several times, keeping everyone involved informed on the project.  A special thanks goes to Sammy Tucker and Jason Hicklen of the Lincoln County TDOT who came from Fayetteville to lay out the testing pad. 

Dr. Arrita Summers and Debbie Griffin with TCAT deserve extra special thanks as well for their approval to use their parking lot. 

To schedule a time to test at the new testing location contact the CDL help desk at 615-251-5217.  Be sure to inform them of your desire to test at the Clarksville location.

If you have questions about the above or other issues of concern, please call me at 615/741-2043, or email me at