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Financial Aid: Disbursement and Requirements

Charging to Financial Aid

Once a financial aid file is complete, a student is allowed to charge tuition and/or books, supplies, and some tools against the account. Books/supplies/tools charged to financial aid will be distributed at the beginning of each trimester.

Disbursement and Return of Funds

Funds not charged against tuition and/or books will be disbursed later in the term. Students must present a valid student ID to pick up the check.

If a student terminates from school early, the financial aid award will be recalculated, and the Office of Financial Aid may determine that the student owes some of the grant funds back to the U.S. Department of Education, Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, or to the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.

Satisfactory Progress Requirements

To make satisfactory progress a student must meet both qualitative and quantitative standards as defined below:

  1. Successfully complete 67% of cumulative scheduled hours (pace of completion).  All periods of enrollment for a student’s program will be included in determining the cumulative scheduled hours used for SAP, regardless of receipt of Title IV aid for the prior enrollments.
  2. Must maintain a minimum cumulative passing grade of “C”, 2.0 GPA, or higher if specified by the program and as published by the institution.  CFR 668.34

Satisfactory progress will be evaluated at the expected end of a student’s payment period.  If the student fails to make satisfactory progress, the student will be placed on financial aid warning for the next payment period.  If the student fails to make satisfactory progress for the next payment period, financial aid will be suspended.  There is no appeals process for financial aid satisfactory progress. In order to reestablish eligibility for federal aid, a student must make satisfactory academic progress at the next evaluation date. Once a student’s aid has been suspended, eligibility for state grants cannot be reestablished.

Example: In a 648-clock hour payment period 67% would equal 434 hours

Notification Guidelines

A student must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing with any change in financial status, student status, or anticipated graduation date. Once a student exceeds the approved program length as documented in the student catalog, the student must receive approval from the Financial Aid Office before receiving any additional funds and they can then only be approved for state grant funds, not federal grant funds.